How to invest in bitcoin in Nigeria

Start by getting a free bitcoin wallet.  Buy bitcoin from a bitcoin trader.  Make sure you get best rates . Fast and secured transaction anytime. All payment is done via Nigeria Bank transfer for safety and security.  

How to invest in bitcoin

What I do


Buy & Sell Bitcoin

I offer a fast, safe and secured way for you to buy or sell bitcoin with Naira or US dollars at very good rate. In order to make sure we offer best reasonable rates,  i am flexible with rate at which i buy and sell bitcoin and i assure every client a reliable service. 


Bitcoin Assistance

If you are new to bitcoin, i will help you to get a clear understanding of bitcoin, and give you all the key safety tips that you need to invest in Bitcoin profitably with zero risk. You can get a bitcoin wallet here.

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Trusted & Reliable Service

Always On Time

I make sure all transaction is completed within 30 minutes and i provide receipt of transaction with bank tracking number.

Safe & Secured

I do all transaction via personal Nigeria Bank with details as in my international passport and other credentials.

24/7 Availability

Am always available anytime of the day to tend to the needs of our clients

How to invest in bitcoin
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